Science & Technology Studies, Volume 29, Issue 2, is out now!


Special Issue
Knowledge Infrastructures: Part II

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial: Knowledge infrastructures: Part II

Helena Karasti, Florence Millerand, Christine M. Hine, Geoffrey C. Bowker

Value Oscillation in Knowledge Infrastructure: Observing its Dynamic in Japan’s Drug Discovery Pipeline
Masato Fukushima

Building Knowledge Infrastructures for Empowerment: A Study of Grassroots Water Monitoring Networks in the Marcellus Shale
Kirk Jalbert

Making Knowledge in Boundary Infrastructures: Inside and Beyond a Database for Rare Diseases
Éric Dagiral, Ashveen Peerbaye

Discussion Paper: Studying the History of Social Science Data Archives as Knowledge Infrastructure
Kalpana Shankar, Kristin R. Eschenfelder, Greg Downey

Book Reviews

Joe Deville, Michael Guggenheim, & Zuzana Hrdličková (eds) (forthcoming, 2016) Practicing Comparison: Logics, Relations, Collaborations. Manchester: Mattering Press. 199 pages
Steven D. Brown

John Law & Evelyn Ruppert (eds) (forthcoming, 2016) Modes of Knowing: Resources from the Baroque. Manchester: Mattering Press
Benjamin Alberti

Vicki MacKnight (forthcoming, 2016) Imagining Classrooms: Stories of children, teaching and ethnography. Manchester: Mattering Press. 198 pages
Josefine Raasch

Franck Cochoy (forthcoming, 2016) On Curiosity: The Art of Market Seduction. Manchester: Mattering Press. 138 pages
Gay Hawkins