CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue On New Topics In Interaction Between University And Society Guest editors: Juha Tuunainen & Kari Kantasalmi


The 20th century witnessed a radical transformation in the ways of understanding the relationship between university and society. In science studies, the transformation of university research was discussed in terms of changing norms of science and altering contract between science and society. In research policy and higher education research, the societal role of university was redefined in terms of academic capitalism, entrepreneurial university and Mode-two knowledge production. In science communication, risks and ethical problems created by techno-scientific developments sprouted resulting in the transformation of public understanding of science into a more interactive construct of public engagement in science.

In this context, the present special issue will increase our knowledge about the societal impact of science by addressing the diversity of forms of interaction between university and society. It strives for improving our understanding of the various ways in which epistemic and social motives are be-ing intertwined in university activities, and promotes an in-depth analysis of the mutual influence between science, higher education and society. Finally, it seeks to contribute to the understanding of the democracy of science by scrutinizing the ways in which societal stakeholders influence, and are influenced by, university practices in different areas of society.

Within this broad context of discussion, the aim of this special issue is to uncover the variety of mechanisms and institutions through which university-society interaction takes place. By so doing, the special issue seeks to contribute to our understanding of the societal role of universities in gen-eral and of scientific research in particular. The possible topics of the papers submitted to this spe-cial issue include but are not limited to the following:

- societal and industrial impact of scientific research
- university-industry interaction
- scientists as experts in public
- collaboration between scientists and other societal stakeholders
- public engagement in scientific practices
- social boundaries of science
- relationship between science and public policy

Manuscript Submission

All papers should comply with the normal requirements of Science & Technology Studies and will be subject to full peer refereeing. The maximum length of an article is 10,000 words, excluding references. When submitting manuscripts, please send them via the journal’s submission pages (see as well as to the corresponding guest editors To designate your paper as part of the special issue, please add a special issue denominator at the end of your title “SI_USI”. For further information about the manuscript requirements, please see the journal’s instructions available at

The deadline for submission of papers is 30 September, 2014. We would welcome notice of inten-tion to submit. The sought publication date of the special issue is the autumn of 2015.
Communication in relation to this special issue should be sent to the guest editors: and