Comparing Forms and Degrees of Critique

Ontologies of Vaccine Criticism


  • Jeremy Keith Ward Aix-Marseille Université


This paper presents an analytical tool designed to evaluate the degree and type of divergence between a dominant orthodox discourse and that of heterodox actors who criticize it. This method of discourse analysis consists in a breaking down and classification of its different parts. It is grounded in Boltanski’s conception of critique and in analytical sociologists’ breaking down of social reality. By summarizing these differences in simple tables, the method proposed greatly facilitates comparisons of the discourses of a great variety of actors. To show the heuristic power of this tool, I apply it to the controversy that emerged in France in 2009-2010 over the safety of the pandemic flu vaccine. I present the social and medical ontologies on which these various critiques are grounded and their varying degrees of radicalism.



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Ward, J. K. (2020) “Comparing Forms and Degrees of Critique: Ontologies of Vaccine Criticism”, Science & Technology Studies, 33(1), pp. 54–75. doi: 10.23987/sts.70247.