Mapping Case Studies of Public Engagement and Participation in Science and Technology



In recent years, increasing criticism has been levelled against case study based research on public engagement and participation in science and technology (PEST). Most critics argue that such case studies are highly contextual and fail to provide global, holistic and systemic views of public engagement phenomena. In this study, we mapped the case study literature on PEST by identifying a robust sample of articles, and analysed it looking for emerging patterns that could provide empirical evidence for new frameworks of public engagement design and analysis. Results show that the case study based literature on PEST continues to grow, although concentrated in a few countries and knowledge domains. The trends that emerged from the sample reveal high centralisation and planning and suggest that deficit science communication models are still common. We argue that future frameworks may focus on decentralising hierarchical power and dependency relationships between agents.


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Maia de Loureiro, P., Horta, H. and M. Santos, J. (2021) “Mapping Case Studies of Public Engagement and Participation in Science and Technology”, Science & Technology Studies, 34(2), pp. 46–64. doi: 10.23987/sts.88827.