How the Croatian Daily Press Presents Science News


  • Adrijana Šuljok
  • Marija Brajdić Vuković


Research into media representations of science is widespread and well-established in scientifically and technologically highly developed countries. However, very little is known about the characteristics of media reporting of science in transition countries, which are only just beginning to recognize the importance of research into the relationship between science, the media and the public. In this study, using content analysis of the daily newspapers with the largest circulations in Croatia (Jutarnji list and Večernji list) we researched the quantity and quality of media reporting of science. We link them to the characteristics of the Croatian media (tabloidization, the erosion of professional criteria) and the wider social context from which they stem. Our findings have shown poor representation of science news in the daily press as well as a low level of trustworthiness, especially in reporting biomedical news.


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Šuljok, A. and Vuković, M. B. (2013) “How the Croatian Daily Press Presents Science News”, Science & Technology Studies, 26(1), pp. 92–112. doi: 10.23987/sts.55310.