The Emergence of Niche Protection through Policies

The Case of Electric Vehicles Field in Finland


  • Armi Temmes
  • Rami-Samuli Räsänen
  • Jenny Rinkinen
  • Raimo Lovio


The literature of Strategic Niche Management has rarely discussed how the SNM policies come to amend the existing policies. Through an in-depth study on the development of electric vehicles field in Finland, we show, fi rstly, how niche actors mobilize protection by policies for their technology through systematic expectations work, and, secondly, how the politicians strategically select technologies to be protected. By zooming in on the emergence and impact of two major policy initiatives, we show that systematic expectations work is characterized by the credibility of enactors and expectations, as well as systematic advocacy and publicity work. We contribute to the SNM literature by showing how policy actions develop through systematic expectations work, as well as continued interaction between enactors and selectors within well-functioning public-private arenas.


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Temmes, A., Räsänen, R.-S., Rinkinen, J. and Lovio, R. (2013) “The Emergence of Niche Protection through Policies: The Case of Electric Vehicles Field in Finland”, Science & Technology Studies, 26(3), pp. 37–62. doi: 10.23987/sts.55287.