The Rise of Technocapitalism


  • Luis Suarez-Villa


technocapitalism, knowledge society, commodification, innovation


The rise of technocapitalism involves the commodification of knowledge in faster and more diverse ways than at any previous time in human history. This article provides insights from a macro-analytical perspective on the phenomena that mark the emergence of technocapitalism as a new form of market capitalism, and their influence on the commodification of knowledge for invention and innovation. The phenomena in question involve the rapid accumulation of inventions and of knowledge-sensitive infrastructure. The rapid reproduction of creativity and a faster diffusion of knowledge, both of which have been supported by a massification of technical education, are also important for the emergence of the new era. Their contribution to the commodification of technological knowledge is most obvious in the pervasive corporatization of invention and innovation, and even more so in the emergence of continuous invention and innovation as a standard component of corporate strategy.


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Suarez-Villa, L. (2001) “The Rise of Technocapitalism”, Science & Technology Studies, 14(2), pp. 4–20. doi: 10.23987/sts.55133.