Pigs and Chips

the Making of a Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem



This paper presents a longitudinal case study in UK biotechnology covering some 30 years during which genomic technologies were introduced into pig breeding. This case study demonstrates how co-innovation involving existing small and medium sized enterprises, together with contributions from academics, has enabled companies to obtain the resources needed for value creation. Important contributions at critical junctures from public funding, pivotal contributions of individuals, and entry of new enterprises supplying essential resources, have enabled the fruitful realisation of new value creation. This paper contributes to the literature by taking a historical perspective, demonstrating how enabling long-term networking relationships including relevant academics, research institutions, funders and knowledge brokers has the potential to generate an innovation ecosystem that can respond effectively to a range of external challenges and take advantage of new techno-scientific opportunities.


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2022-12-19 — Updated on 2023-09-15


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Bruce, A. and Lowe, J. (2023) “Pigs and Chips: the Making of a Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem”, Science & Technology Studies, 36(3), pp. 24–42. doi: 10.23987/sts.111111.