Science & Technology Studies, Volume 29, Issue 3 is out now!


Special Issue
Knowledge Infrastructures: Part III

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial: Knowledge Infrastructures: Part III
Helena Karasti, Florence Millerand, Christine M. Hine, Geoffrey C. Bowker

Co-Observing the Weather, Co-Predicting the Climate: Human Factors in Building Infrastructures for Crowdsourced Data
Yu-Wei Lin, Jo Bates, Paula Goodale

Taxonomic Government: Ecuador’s National Herbarium and the Institution of Biodiversity, 1986–1996
Peter Taber

Promises that Matter: Reconfiguring Ecology in the Ecotrons
Céline Granjou, Jeremy Walker

Of Blooming Flowers and Multiple Sockets: The Role of Metaphors in the Politics of Infrastructural Work
Marcello Aspria, Marleen de Mul, Samantha Adams, Roland Bal

Book Reviews

Brian Kleiner, Isabelle Renschler, Boris Wernli, Peter Farago, & Dominique Joye (eds) (2013) Understanding Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences. Zurich: Seismo
Dominique Vinck

Eric T. Meyer & Ralph Schroeder (2015) Knowledge Machines: Digital Transformations of the Sciences and Humanities. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press
Dominique Vinck

Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst, & Sally Wyatt (eds) (2013) Virtual Knowledge: Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press
Dominique Vinck

Mongili Alessandro & Pellegrino Giuseppina (eds) (2014) Information Infrastructure(s): Boundaries, Ecologies, Multiplicity. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Jean-Christophe Plantin