Science & Technology Studies, Volume 30, Issue 3 is out now!


Science & Technology Studies, Volume 30, Issue 3, Special Issue: STS and Global Health



Table of contents


Guest editorial


Critique and complicity: STS and Global Health

  Catherine M. Montgomery, Patricia Kingori, Salla Sariola & Nora Engel


Research Papers


Making Room for Ethics: Spaces, Surveys and Standards in the Asia-Pacific Region

Rachel Douglas-Jones


Bioinformatics Imaginaries in the Engine-Room of Genomic Health Policy:

Integration and Heterogeneity in India and the UK

Alex Faulkner


Diagnosing at Point of Care in South India: Coordination Work and Frictions

Nora Engel, Vijayashree Yellappa, Nitika Pant Pai & Madhukar Pai



Book Reviews


Fabian Muniesa, Liliana Doganova, Horacio Ortiz, Álvaro Pina-Stranger, Florence Paterson, Alaric Bourgoin, Véra Ehrenstein, Pierre-André Juven, David Pontille, Başak Saraç-Lesavre and

Guillaume Yon (2017) Capitalization: A Cultural Guide

Alexander B. Kinney & Nikolas J. Rowland


Merete Lie and Nina Lykke (eds.) (2017) Assisted Reproduction Across Borders. Feminist Perspectives on Normalizations, Disruptions and Transmissions

Nelly Oudshoorn


Andrew Pickering (ed.) (1992) Science as Practice and Culture

Helen Verran