Science & Technology Studies, Volume 30, Issue 1 is out now!



Table of contents


Note from the Editorial Team


Research Papers


Nearshore Wind Resistance on Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island: Not Another NIMBY Story

Irina Papazu

Rethinking Therapeutic Misconception in Biobanking – Ambivalence Between Research and Treatment

Aaro Tupasela, Karoliina Snell & Jose A. Cañada

Forms of Articulating Epistemic Critique: the Necessity and Virtue of Internal Skepticism in Academia

Oliver Dimbath & Stefan Böschen


Book Reviews

Waltraud Ernst & Ilona Horwath (eds.) (2014). Gender in Science and Technology. Interdisciplinary approaches. Bielefeld: transcript.

Josefine Raasch

Noortje Marres (forthcoming, March 2017) Digital Sociology: The reinvention of social research. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Brit Ross Winthereik